BaU Board Onboarding


The Business as Usual (BaU) board provides the facility to log enhancement requests. An enhancement request is an addition to, or optimisation of, current system functionality. Major projects or support issues are not included under enhancements.

The BaU board allows a client to build a backlog of requests which will be reviewed by a consultant at regular intervals, facilitated by an engagement manager. The requests will be assessed to determine suitability for the current system and roadmap.







A view of issues based on a filter.


Business as usual.


A query that returns a specific set of Jira issues which can be used by boards to display those issues. Must have permission to see the issues.

Issue Type

The basic name for a task in Jira is an issue. Examples of a types of issues include: Task, Story, Epic. The default issue type is Story.


Organisational unit for Jira issues. Contains boards and issues.


Relative to an issue and whether work is in backlog (to do), selected for development, in progress or done.

  • To do: Backlog item

  • Selected for Development: approved for development and waiting for resource allocation.

  • In Progress: work has commenced.

  • Done: issue is ready for release.


When watching an issue, ensures you receive notifications relating to the issue, for example, comments.


Account Creation

An invite will be sent by email to join AlphaSys' Jira instance. The invitation will provide guidance on creating an Atlassian account, followed by log in to

  1. When receiving the email invite from Atlassian, specifying “”, click the “Join them now” button.


  2. Enter your full name and create a secure password for you account.


  3. Click the “Sign up” button to finish the setting up your account. You now have credentials to log into

  4. Once logged in, you will see a list of projects that you have been given access to.

Using Jira

Accessing a project

  1. Visit and log in.


  2. Go to the BaU project you wish to view. Select from the list, use search or go to the “Projects” menu from the navigation bar.


    Here is an example of a clean project and board.


  3. Certain projects have multiple boards. To select a board, use the panel on the left hand side to navigate:


Creating an issue

  1. To create an issue, use the “Create” button and a “Create Issue” windows will pop-up.


  2. In the issue creation pop-up, provide a Summary and Description for the issue then click “Create”. Attachments can be added by drag and drop into the window. (Note if you are in multiple projects, the last project you have viewed may show up by default in the “Project” field - search for and change to the desired project).


  3. You can view the status of an issue from the board and its columns.


  4. Additional comments can be made on the issue.


To ensure you receive notifications on an issue, ensure you are watching the issue.